Sunday, August 9, 2015

BTS Blog Hop

I am linking up with some wonderful teachers for a Back to School Blog Hop. Thank you to Tammy from The Owl Teacher for organizing this blog hop.
The Owl Teacher
I can't believe I only have 1 more week of summer vacation! Today I am sharing some tips to start the   year off right.

#1 Recycled Crayon Holders

Detergent caps are the perfect size to hold crayons. You can jazz them up with a little bit of ribbon & give every student their own crayon holder. I used a 1 inch circle cutter to make the numbers. I love the way you can see all the crayons making selecting one much easier. The teacher can see at a glance who needs more crayons. It also eliminates sticky hands a little since students can't fit too many crayons in their caps. I can't wait to share this hack with my students.

#2 Line Numbers

At the beginning of the year my kindergarteners need lots of help to line up in a straight line & always complained that someone got in front of them. I created these line up spots for my Star Themed Room. I suggest laminating them and attaching them to the floor using clear packing tape. I even made spots for the line leader and door holder. 

#3 Name Tags

I bought 100 Plastic ID Cards on Ebay for $1 including shipping. It was a deal too good to pass up. You can get them here. Since I don't have a ID card printer or an extra $1,000 to buy one.

For weeks I've been trying to figure out how to make them cutesy. After making the Line Order Spots, I thought why not make 1.5" spots (since I have a 1.5 inch circle cutter) and print them on photo paper. That way when students line up they can match the number on their name tag to the matching spot. My 4 year old loved matching her name tag to the number on the floor.

Here's how I made my name tags. I made circles in Photoshop and have them a border. Did you know Photoshop lets you make exact circle sizes? Then I inserted my graphic in the middle. Print on 4x6 photo paper. Hot glue Then I write the number and the student's name using a permanent marker. 
I'm going to attach mine using clothes pins. Simply hot glue it to the back. You can also hole punch it & attach it to ribbon.

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