Monday, August 10, 2015

Building Back to School: A Classroom Tools Week 2

I'm back with Week 2 of #TeacherMom's Building Back to School Blog Hop. This week is going to be even better than last week. There will be a giveaway on every blog so be sure to hop along with us for a chance to win one of them. Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a $10 Gift Certificate from my store.  Good luck!

Today I will feature two products from my Back to School Poster Bundle which you can use as Classroom Tools to support literacy in the Primary Classroom.

Classroom Tool # 1 An Engaging Alphabet

You will notice that vowels are bordered in red & consonants in blue this was done to help students visually distinguish them.
An alphabet is a must for any elementary classroom. It helps younger students learn letter names and sounds. Older students might use it as a reference when putting words in alphabetical order. All students use it as a model for correct letter formation. However in order for it to be a tool you must refer to it often when teaching a lesson. In my kindergarten classroom we sing songs as a child points to each letter. I use both recorded songs and songs I've made up. Students love them both. One of the songs I made up is /a/ apple, /b/ Ball, /c/ cat... Basically we just sing the letter sound and name the picture. Its so easy the kids can do it by themselves once we have practiced a few times. I can't carry a tune but have found that children love singing songs & luckily in kindergarten they think their teacher is awesome no matter what she sounds like. 
You can get the Vowel Posters Freebie here.

Classroom Tool #2: Color Posters

For years I have been using the same old color posters. This summer I decided to make my own. What a better way to engage students than real photos. These vivid pictures are sure to spark a conversation. You can use them to sing a color. Don't know one make it up. You can also use them to play an eye spy game: i.e. I spy something green. In the writing center you can place color flashcards to help students with their writing. The vivid pictures can serve as writing starters. Students can write a sentence or a story about the picture. You can get my Freebie Color Flashcards here

These posters are also available with white backgrounds

and in a Bilingual Version.

You can see my Back to School Posters Bundle here.

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