Monday, August 17, 2015

Building Back to School Week 3 : Language Tools

I am back for week 3 of our Building Back to School Linky Party put together by Denise from #TeacherMom. This week's topic is language tools. Don't forget to enter this week's contest and grab this week's freebie.

Week 3: Language Tools

The foundation of language development in young children is giving them tools to develop their oral language. What are these tools? Think of what you see when you look into the calendar math wall of an early childhood teacher other than the calendar. Shapes & colors will be found in every room. Why? These are the foundations to language development which helps children expand their oral language skills. Shapes & colors provide attributes to describe the world around us. You can read more about my color posters here.

I used real photographs in my posters with language development in mind. The shapes below were designed to spark curiosity in students. In my classroom I will discuss one shape a day and have children describe what they see. Using questions like:

What shape is it?
What is it?
What color is it?
Where would you find it?
How is it used? 

 Here's a freebie for you to help you teach your students shapes & spark a conversation about them. 
 Shapes Flashcards Freebie

You can view my full size posters here.

 For those of you in a dual language class you can get the bilingual version here.