Monday, August 3, 2015

Tpt Sale What's In Your Cart

I'm so excited for TpT's Site-wide Back to School Sale! Today I'm linking up with Jenna from The Speech Room News to tell you about what I suggest from my store & what's in my cart.

1. Alpha Pals: I'm so excited to introduce you to my Alpha Pals. These pals were created to engage students when learning their alphabet. I have so many things planned for them! The Alphabet set will be used as Anchor charts when I introduce each letter & create our word wall with the class. 

The Alpha Pals Growing Bundle is my collection of crafts for each letter. Each letter will have ideas and resources to make 4 crafts: a large craft, a small craft, a hat  and a puppet. It also includes a full page poster & black-line master. Over 250 pages when done. You can download the Ally Apple Freebie to get an idea of what will be included for each letter. Just click here:Allie Apple Freebie  

Don't miss out on the Alpha Pals Growing Bundle only $8 during the TpT Sale Aug. 3rd & 4th!  It will never be this price again!

2. Champs Posters

Champs posters are great to establish expectations in the classroom. You can read more about my Champs Posters here.

3. Red & Blue Alphabet Posters: 

Red & Blue Alphabet Posters with Wordwall Letters

This bright alphabet will not only look great in your classroom but also visually distinguishes vowels & consonants. It was made to go along with my favorite alphabet song from Phonics for A to Z by Sing, Spell, Read & Write.

My Alphabet Features:

★Red Vowel Borders
★Blue Consonant Borders
★Full page and ½ page options
★Lowercase & Uppercase for each letter
★Round Words Wall Letter Headers in 2 sizes
★Pictures labeled to make them easy to read
★Primary Handwriting Font with lines
★Real photographs for each letter:
A- apple
B- ball
C- cat
D- doll
E- egg
F- fan
G- goat
H- hand
I- inchworm
J- jam
K- kite
L- lamb
N- noodles
O- octopus
P- poodles
Q- quilt
R- rail
S- sun
T- tail
U- umbrella
V- vase
W- wagon
X- box
Y- yarn
Z- zoo

You can get it here.

What's in my cart?

This summer I was lucky enough to preview some songs by Miss Jenny from Edutunes. She is amazing & a great person too. Since I teach Kindergarten, I am getting her Kindergarten Bundle. It includes: