Sunday, September 27, 2015

  Introducing the Character Pals:

My Character Pals were inspired by the Sun Sentinel's Kids of Character Program. Every month teachers in my county focus on one character trait & at the end of the month choose one student that portrays that character trait. Our local newspapers prints stories of children across our county that show exemplary character. 

This year my school is giving all students character bracelets as a visual reminder of the character trait we are working on for the month. To the right is September's Character Bracelet encouraging student's to show cooperation. So far the kids love them!

As a kindergarten teacher I needed an engaging way to teach character traits to my kindergartners so I created the Character Pals. Each Character Pal has two posters:one defining the character trait 
another giving an example of how it is applied. A writing frame is also included where children draw and write about how they apply the character trait.

12 Character Pals Are Included:

Carrie the Cooperative Cat

Robbie the Responsible Rabbit

Gaby the Good Citizen Giraffe

Keri the Kind Kangaroo

Ricky the Respectful Raccoon

Hailey the Honest Horse

Sadie the Self Control Snail

Terry the Tolerant Turtle

Freddie the Friendly Fish

Benny the Brave Bear

Paulie the Perseverant Penguin

Frankie the Fair 



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