Sunday, June 26, 2016

Help your child Master Reading Comprehension 

1.Remember the 5 W’s.

Ask who, what, when, where, & why questions about the story.

2. Retell the Story

Retell the story using the words beginning, middle &end. 

3.Describe the Characters & Major Events in the Story.

Relate the character or event to real life. ie: “That reminds me of….” 

4.Ask them how the story makes them feel & why. 

ie:This makes me feel ____because…....... 

5.Categorize the text as fiction, informational text or poetry.

What clues in the story helped you figure it out? 

6.Identify who the speaker in the story is?

Who is telling the story? What do we know about ____? 


7.Discuss what is learned from the illustrations that is not in the text.

What can you learn from the pictures that is not in the text? 

8.Compare and contrast characters in the story.

How are the characters alike? different? 

9.Make predictions about what will happen next.

What do you think will happen next? Were your predictions right? 

10.Draw a picture about the story.

Tell me about your picture.

 The best part of it is that these strategies are aligned to Common Core and Florida Strategies to go along with the Standard Based Performance Scales you can find in my store. The Kindergarten bundle is available now. The rest are coming soon. Stay tuned.

You can read more about how I write Performance Scales here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2 For Tueday: 2 Essentials for the Dual Language or ESL Classroom

I am linking up with Cyndie from Chalk One Up For The Teacher and other great friends for this week's 2 for Tuesday! Read on to find out about today's deals, steals and bargains.

I am featuring 2 sets you don't want to miss for setting up a Dual Language or ESL Classroom.They are 50% off TODAY ONLY!!!

1. Dual Language Alphabet

This set was just revised to include cognate words. What are cognates you ask? Cognates are words that are similar in two
languages. For example: "carro" and "car" or  "elephante" and "elephant".

 Using cognates helps students make visual and mental connections between two languages while motivating them to learn more. Just like my English version the consonant cards have blue backgrounds and the vowels have red ones. You can see a preview of the alphabet below.

 Click below to see it on TpT!


2. Dual Language Color Posters

 Are you tired of the same old boring color posters? I designed these color posters to come alive and engage kids. These color posters will help students make color word connections with the real world. I carefully selected photographs of things that are associated with each color. This set includes 3 sets of color posters: english, spanish & bilingual.You can see a preview below.

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 Don't forget to check out the other great deals below!!

Friday, June 17, 2016


 A Sharpener Loved By All

Classroom Friendly Supplies' sharpener has intrigued me for years. However as a kindergarten teacher I needed to sharpen big pencil who were not compatible until now! I was very excited when they sent me my own sharpener to review! My own children who are 5 & 8 years old loved it. They quickly found all the broken pencils in our house to sharpen. Kids love it because it is easy to use and provides a perfect point every time. I loved it because it is quiet. Below is a video of my 5 year old demonstrating how easy it is to sharpen a pencil.

Both of my kids begged me not to take it to school & keep it at home. Since it was the end of the school year, I agreed to let them keep it at home for the summer. At home & at school I have gone through so many sharpeners that did not work. The electric ones were noisy and seemed to eat pencils rather than sharpen them. The most frustrating part is when the sharpened point breaks with its first use after using the expensive electric sharpener. My children & I have been using the Classroom Friendly Supply Sharpener for a month now & have yet to have to resharpen a pencil because it breaks immediately after sharpening. This sharpener provides the PERFECT point every time. I will definitely be buying more for my classroom before school starts & of course I will keep one at home! 

You can get your own here!